Can’t miss adventure cruises!

Can’t miss adventure cruises!

I had never considered going on a cruise before now and didn’t quite understand the appeal. I was definitely a skeptic. Why would you want to stay in the same place, same people and same food for the whole of your holiday and still have to pay a crap load for alcohol? We only get a certain amount of time free each year to dedicate to travel so I was slightly apprehensive as to what I had let myself in for.

How wrong could I have been?!

First I didn’t have a big budget so I decided to find out how to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship. I went to several different blogs and even Amazon bu they just kept giving me the runaround. Finally I settled upon two sites. The first one had a really good idea as to concealing your alcohol and the other showed me me practically the same thing, it was

Walking up the ramp I was struck in awe at the sheer size of the thing. This was my first cruise – I didn’t know what to expect. Unless you live by the coast it’s unlikely you will get to see one of these cruise liners up close, but boy are they impressive. A friendly greeting followed and I made my way to my my quarters. I’ve got to admit I had all the nautical themed jokes running though my head, thinking about rum, wondering if that captain would show us a map marked “X” or ask me to walk the plank… I felt like a giddy

After resisting the urge to jump up and down on the bed I made my way out to have a look around the ship. They had everything here. Within a few minutes I had found the gym and spa, then slightly further along the pool and signs to a rock climbing wall. Given this was my first cruise I wanted to check out as much as possible and made a mental note to come back here – rock climbing being one of my favorite hobbies. I saw signs for the movie theaters, night clubs – even a full sized running track! I ear-marked some good looking bars and carried on, eager to find out what else was here. After a few minutes aimlessly walking, I got talking to a nice couple from the USA. They were cruise veterans, and seemed very happy to talk to me about what I needed to do and what to see. Highly recommended was the glass bottom viewing gallery. Given this was my first cruise I made a mental note of as much as possible and promised them I’d find them later for a drink. (I actually ended up narrowly losing to them in a mini-golf best of 3 the next day – can’t beat experience!)

Later that evening I had some amazing food and wine, and watching the sunset from the viewing deck. It felt totally surreal and very calming. The weather was great, the destinations were fantastic and I was in full relaxation mode from the moment I set foot on deck.

Looking back at it now this was what made my first cruise very special, the people I met, the activities I did, and the relaxation I wanted, when I wanted it. It’s easy for people to mock it and say they would get bored but I’d challenge that, for me at least, it simply wasn’t true. There was everything there I needed, all in close proximity, for a relaxing time away. Away from the daily grind. It’s a totally new world, and I would recommend to anyone.

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